Storm Damage

Storm damage repair is an emergency caused by a number of weather conditions. We are on call at any time to repair your roof before further destruction is wreaked on your home or business. If you believe you have damage do not hesitate to call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Long term damage from water intrusion can also occur from mold, mildew and decay that are left untreated. Emergency remediation must be performed as soon as possible when problems from sever weather occur.

If something serious happens – like a branch goes through your roof or shingles are ripped off by strong winds - give us a call immediately for repairs. We rapidly fix all hail, wind and ice damage to your roof and will ensure that no further damage can take place.


Insurance Claims

Making Insurance Claims After Storm Damage

Losses suffered by homeowners as a result of perilous storms may pale in the minds of individuals who are less versed with storm damage insurance claims. The process, characterized by several questions begging for answers, is often intimidating and a deterrent to claims’ applications by many homeowners. 1 Source insurance claims services help to lift the veil off storm damage claims by helping to prepare the affected homeowners to make successful claims just after the storm.

1 Source has demystified the claims’ process into 5 simple , easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand steps. We believe that through thorough education of affected homeowners on what every step means and needs, they can take charge of the claims process and make informed decisions. The 5-step process is simplified into the following:

  • Filing The Claim
  • Meeting The Adjuster
  • Getting help from the Mortgage Company
  • Choosing Materials
  • Construction Done Right

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